At Community Bible Church we believe in the Ordinance of God to meet regularly.  Furthermore, it is our sincere conviction that we are living in the End Times.  We are living in times of unparalleled attack on the family, individuals are living under incredible stress and most are busier than they've ever been.  For these reasons, we believe that it takes a concerted and conscientious effort to create time and opportunity to meet together for the sake of fellowship in the Name of Christ Jesus.  
With these beliefs as our foundation, Community Bible Church strives to create frequent opportunities¬†to meet and fellowship.¬†Each event has a specific focus on the Messiah. ¬†Many of the opportunities include acts of Ministry as well. ¬†We pray you will consider joining us to fellowship and grow in Christ Jesus. ¬†And, remember this promise from Jesus Christ Himself, "For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.‚ÄĚ--Matthew 18:20


¬†9¬† ¬†Skate Night | Rock Roll-O-Rena | 5:00pm‚Äď7:00pm
12¬† Men‚Äôs Meeting | Community Bible Church | 6:30pm‚Äď8:30pm
19¬† Women‚Äôs Meeting | Community Bible Church | 6:00pm‚Äď8:00pm
23 ¬†Red Cross Blood Drive | Community Bible Church | 1:00pm‚Äď4:00pm


11¬†¬†Men‚Äôs Meeting¬†|¬†Community Bible Church¬†|¬†6:30pm‚Äď8:30pm
13¬†¬†Game Night¬†|¬†Community Bible Church¬†|¬†7:00pm‚Äď9:00pm
18¬†¬†Women‚Äôs Meeting¬†|¬†Community Bible Church¬†|¬†6:00pm‚Äď8:00pm


¬†¬†5¬†¬†Palm Sunday (Seder)¬†|¬†Community Bible Church¬†|¬†12:30pm‚Äď2:30pm
¬†¬†8¬†¬†Men‚Äôs Meeting¬†|¬†Community Bible Church¬†|¬†6:30pm‚Äď8:30pm
10¬†¬†Good Friday Service¬†|¬†Community Bible Church¬†|¬†7:00pm‚Äď8:30pm
12¬†¬†Easter Services (No Sunday School)¬†|¬†Community Bible Church¬†|¬†10:00am‚Äď12:00pm¬†
15¬†¬†Women‚Äôs Meeting¬†|¬†Community Bible Church¬†|¬†6:00pm‚Äď8:00pm


¬† 2¬†¬† Spring Fling¬†|¬†Community Bible Church¬†|¬†12:00pm‚Äď4:00pm
10¬†¬†Mother‚Äôs Day Service (No Sunday School) |¬†Community Bible Church¬†|¬†10:00am‚Äď12:00pm
13¬†¬†Men‚Äôs Meeting¬†|¬†Community Bible Church¬†|¬†6:30pm‚Äď8:30pm
20¬†¬†Women‚Äôs Meeting¬†|¬†Community Bible Church¬†|¬†6:00pm‚Äď8:00pm


10¬†¬†Men‚Äôs Meeting¬†|¬†Community Bible Church¬†|¬†6:30pm‚Äď8:30pm
17¬†¬†Women‚Äôs Meeting¬†|¬†Community Bible Church¬†|¬†6:00pm‚Äď8:00pm
21¬†¬†Father‚Äôs Day Services (No Sunday School)¬†|¬†Community Bible Church¬†|¬†10:00am‚Äď12:00pm


¬† 8¬†¬†Men‚Äôs Meeting¬†|¬†Community Bible Church¬†|¬†6:30pm‚Äď8:30pm
12¬†¬†VBS Decorating¬†|¬†Community Bible Church¬†|¬†12:30pm‚Äď3:00pm
15¬†¬†Women‚Äôs Meeting¬†|¬†Community Bible Church¬†|¬†6:00pm‚Äď8:00pm
20‚Äď24¬†¬†Vacation Bible School¬†|¬†Community Bible Church¬†|¬†9:00am‚Äď12:30pm
24¬†¬†VBS Program¬†|¬†Community Bible Church¬†|¬†7:00pm‚Äď8:30pm
26  Pevely Water Park | Oak Valley | TBA


12¬†¬†Men‚Äôs Meeting¬†|¬†Community Bible Church¬†|¬†6:30pm‚Äď8:30pm
19¬†¬†Women‚Äôs Meeting¬†|¬†Community Bible Church¬†|¬†6:00pm‚Äď8:00pm
23¬†¬†Red Cross Blood Drive¬†|¬†Community Bible Church¬†|¬†1:00pm‚Äď4:00pm


¬† 9¬†¬†Men‚Äôs Meeting¬†|¬†Community Bible Church¬†|¬†6:30pm‚Äď8:30pm
16¬†¬†Women‚Äôs Meeting¬†|¬†Community Bible Church¬†|¬†6:00pm‚Äď8:00pm
19¬†¬†CBC Picnic¬†|¬†Ellis Bage Park¬†|¬†3:00pm‚Äď7:00pm


14¬†¬†Men‚Äôs Meeting¬†|¬†Community Bible Church¬†|¬†6:30pm‚Äď8:30pm
17¬†¬†Hayride¬†|¬†Pierce Century Farm¬†|¬†5:00pm‚Äď9:00pm
21¬†¬†Women‚Äôs Meeting¬†|¬†Community Bible Church¬†|¬†6:00pm‚Äď8:00pm


¬†¬†7¬†¬†Thanksgiving Dinner/Night of Praise & Movie¬†|¬†Community Bible Church¬†|¬†5:00pm‚Äď9:0pm
11¬†¬†Men‚Äôs Meeting¬†|¬†Community Bible Church¬†|¬†6:30pm‚Äď8:30pm
15¬†¬†Christmas Adorning and Play Practice¬†|¬†Community Bible Church¬†|¬†1:00pm‚Äď3:00pm
18¬†¬†Women‚Äôs Meeting¬†|¬†Community Bible Church¬†|¬†6:00pm‚Äď8:00pm
22¬†¬†Breakfast (Hosted by Youth)¬†|¬†Community Bible Church¬†|¬†9:00am‚Äď9:45pm
22¬†¬†Christmas Jubilee (No Sunday School)¬†|¬†Community Bible Church¬†|¬†10:00am‚Äď11:30pm


¬† 2¬†¬†¬†Women‚Äôs Dinner¬†|¬†TBA¬†|¬†6:30pm‚Äď8:30pm
¬† 6¬†¬† Prayer Meeting¬†|¬†Community Bible Church¬†|¬†9:00am‚Äď10:00am
¬† 6¬†¬† Christmas Play (Dress Rehearsal at 9am) |¬†Community Bible Church¬†|¬†10:30am‚Äď12:00pm